Mobile presence not working on Smartthings app 2021 (ver

Jason, on the device network Id I just put the initials of the phone owner. My understanding is that you can put whatever you want as long as is a unique network Id.

I see you have the solution now.

Just for general info, the explanation is that when legacy apps such as webCoRE start up, each of those lists of devices that they present to you to select from is based on a particular capability. However you are granting access to the device as a whole. So an app might present you with a list of temperature sensors, but when you select one you are giving the app full access to the device. You don’t have to authorise it as a humidity sensor too, for example.

It so happens that there are deprecated tagging capabilities named ‘Actuator’ and ‘Sensor’ that appear in pretty much every Groovy Device Type Handler. A device with the Actuator capability should have one or more commands, either in other capabilities or as custom commands. A Sensor should have one or more attributes, either in other capabilities or as custom attributes. They might not sound particularly useful but an app could pretty much present every device you have for authorisation just by using Actuator and Sensor. That is great for apps like webCoRE and ActionTiles.

Unfortunately Actuator and Sensor were not obligatory so it wasn’t foolproof, and more significantly it isn’t even possible to specify those capabilities with some newer integrations. The approach webCoRE took to get around the problem was to present lists for every single capability that existed at the time to allow those devices without Actuator or Sensor to be found. There were so many that they had to be batched into three groups. The approach ActionTiles used was to add eight lists based on key capabilities.

With the change of mobile presence from a Groovy DTH to a modern mobile connected integration the Sensor capability was dropped. This meant the device had to be looked up by Presence Sensor capability in webCoRE. For a while it wasn’t available in ActionTiles at all but Alex added an extra list when he became aware there was a problem.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation!

i moved from Xiaomi mi 10t to Samsung z fold 3 the xiaomi always update the presence sendor phone exalctly on line of the radius tha t i have set on my home from smarthings app

z fold 3 is radom once is imidietly once adter 2 min etc is random

is any way to fix this problem on samsung phones?

thank you

I’ve had issues for years with various Galaxy phones. I had completely switched to Life360 integration for my Samsung phone for Arriving & departing automations. My wife’s iPhone never had any problems. One of the recent app updates seems to have fixed it. I have now switched back to the built in mobile presence of my phone and its working flawlessly. I really hope that continues!