Mobile Presence no longer reporting Occupancy?

Since forever, the mobile presence in the apps has acted as both a Presence Sensor and an Occupancy Sensor. Exactly what the latter actually reported was never clear though I suspected connection to a home Wi-Fi was a factor.

I notice that I am no longer seeing any occupancy events from the mobile apps. Is this just me or has it been removed?

It wouldn’t be a great loss and I’ve always been dubious of the way the integrations linked the two with regard to arrivals bouncing. But it is a change.

Following up on my own question, the mobile presence devices for my Android phones no longer report having the Occupancy Sensor capability at all. That could be a breaking change for some (it certainly was for me).

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Hey man, what did you do as a workaround? I still had my phone as a presence sensore with the old dth, but just got a new phone so I had to re add it and now it is the new flavour (placeholder). I had an automation with occupancy and that doesn’t now. Curious to know if you came up with something.

The only thing I have ever done with mobile presence is to mirror it onto a virtual presence sensor so I could view it in the mobile apps and ActionTiles (ActionTiles can now handle the new mobile presence devices directly). That was only so I had a grasp of how reliable it was should I ever find a practical application for it. As Occupancy was there I mirrored that as well for completeness but the only significance of it being removed was that the mirroring broke.

Thanks for explaning my man. And thanks for your contributions around here! I think that I have changed my automation to state if presence changes and that seems to be working for now.