Mobile Presence Broken on Note 10 and ST 1.7 40-21

I’ve seen plenty of other topics related to iPhone and the latest ST Classic app so I started this thread related to the new app v1.7 40-21, Android 9 and Note10. I have traded messages with support but they’ve provided no update in a few days after I was notified ‘they are looking intui it’.

Since the last update to the ST app (Nov 15 v1.7 40-21) my mobile presence on my Note10 is completely broken. It responds to arrival about 50% of the time and departure 0% of the time.

The only way to get the hub (ST WiFi v2) to recognize my phone is no longer inside the geofence is the restart the phone. Once I login to the phone after the restart the hub will run notify me that I’ve left and run the proper automations.

I’ve tried everything including: removed all the battery optimizations, turned off sleeping apps, cleared ST app cache, uninstall and reinstall the ST app and even factory reset the phone. Nothing has worked. My wife’s phone which is running Android 9 and the same ST app version and has no issues.

What’s interesting is that the Classic app presence status (a feature still MIA on the new app) shows that I’m ‘away’ but not ‘left’ and the latter is what runs the away automations.

Anyone else with this particular presence issue?

Thanks JKP, I always appreciate your helpfulness in this forum.

I’m not using ST Classic on my phone, which is what I have found different than the other threads but I’m ok to merge mine with the larger conversation.

I only have ST Classic on a tablet in my house as a dashboard. So for me it’s the latest ST app, but my wife with a Note 8 and my mom visiting for T-Day has an S10 5G and they are not experiencing the issues. It just seems to be my Note10. They are also running Android 9 with ST 1.7 40-21 the only difference I can find is One UI 1.5 for Note10. 1.1 on the S10 5G and 1.0 on the Note8. I have good friend who’s on my system with an iPhone who’s coming over tomorrow, so we’ll see if her phone still works.

I’m just trying to find the lowest common denominator, but it might just be a fool’s errand and just wait for an update to fix the madness :slight_smile:

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I only started using the ST app after that update. I’m on Android 9, with OneUI 1.1, and my best guess is that there aren’t any battery optimisations on the app. I’ve had SmartThings Panel switched off, because it is crap in case that is a factor.

The ‘History’ on the app baffles me as the entries for today only started at 12:21pm, there are none for yesterday and on Tuesday they only started at 12 noon and ran to 12:45pm. Before that, the last entry was Friday at about 6pm. I’m not entirely sure what that is supposed to be showing me. However I did see two entries from an ‘Unknown device’ in the limited time range for today and they did show occupancy and presence changes for an arrival. They were pretty much bang on one hour late.

Switching to the Classic app, where my mobile presence is a known device and the hours in a day and days in a week are the traditional 24/7, I do seem to see pairs of occupancy and presence changes corresponding to departures and arrivals. Typically they are about fifteen minutes to two hours later than my actual movements, but they are there.

It’s not looking great, to be honest.

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