Android Mobile Presence issue help

I am fed up with the Android Mobile Presence
Samsung S10

It would Arrive Home then within the same minute change my status to Away/Bye Bye

5-10 minutes later it would change my status to Arrive Home

I have been dealing with this since the latest update. I tried rolling back to the previous version however…unsuccessful for the app to run right i have to be on the latest version.

I have checked Presence (placeholder) and Geo settings

Any suggestions is appreciated

I’ve had some instances of bad behavior with Android 10 on a Pixel phone. On leaving it would correctly go to Away, flip back to Home, then a couple of minutes later go to Away.

Also had it suddenly say I was Away, then flip back to home when I was sitting in a chair in the house the entire time.

FWIW, it doesn’t seem to be SmartThings-related. My Nest app is doing strange things, too. Nest is harder to catch because there’s no notification and no logs.

One change I tried hoping for improvement was to ensure that battery optimization was off for the apps. I don’t think it has helped, though.

I gave up
I turned OFF for Arrival/Back home for the Android phone on the automations.

For my wife’s IOS it’s NOT an issue and works perfectly in Arrival/Back Home automation

I activated Arrival/Back home automation/routine in the Alexa App for the Android phone

Let’s see how that works today

Interested to know how that works! Please update here when you’ve come to a conclusion

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Yea i was avoiding to go that route
But willing to try it and see

Alexa routine, mobile presence, activate scene Back home Arrival,geo fencing

Will keep you updated

There is an ugly issue with Presence on this build. If presence was working before either using your mobile device or life360 this build has broke it. I have reported this 2 weeks ago and was very detailed on the issue as I spent the better part of 2 days working through the issue. Going back to the previous build app works just fine but you’ll be updated automajically and it will break again.

After 2 weeks I gave up and move all 50 of my device to Hubitat and put the ST hub away. Presence works perfectly with Hubitat and don’t need Life360, devices run faster and actually for the first time the wife said things are running faster and better.


THANKYOU…I appreciate you’re confirmation of this

I have been very very very interested in Hubitat

I know if if I get the Hubitat…i will be “all-in” and I might not leave the house for a few days… configuring it

  • I dont have the luxury of free-time with a 3 year old running around the house

Hubitat seems to be the a Sure-Thing

Your welcome! It was nice working from home doing this at the same time, it made things easier in the end. I have had the HE hub for some time now, I tried the move about a year ago and the wife wasn’t buying into the whole thing. This time with what has happened she was fine with it and even said buy more stuff if needed! lol

Once I got going it went pretty good. One thing that bit me a few times, once I removed a device in ST and added it HE, I noticed that ST picked up the device again even though It was excluded, so 3 devices out of the 50 I had to exclude again on ST (and then power off the hub for bit) and the include on HE. Outside of that it wasn’t bad at all.

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Alexa mobile presence Arrival/Back Home Automation didn’t work unfortunately.

I will probably initiate an automation scene Back/Home Arrival when I activate open the Garage door instead of utilizing Mobile Presence


Inititiate mobile presence through Classic App and see if that works for Arrival/Back Home

Not sure what to do. Support has not gotten back to me

Tried just running the Scene through Alexa. Didn’t work
Will see if i can add the devices then see if i can run the automation

Alexa won’t run scenes/automation. It will run individual devices except for door locks. For doorlocks it asks me to remove the presence trigger. Must be a security thing

Not sure if this has been discussed
So I read somewhere or maybe misread it. Someone created automation/scene for each mobile phone. For example
Wife’s IOS - mobile presence
My android S10- Placeholder

I was having the issue/problem on Arrival/Back Home

So i created 2 separate Arrival/Back Home automation.

Going good so far and my Issue with mobile presence hasn’t returned.

Keep you updated …

This Did NOT work.
I give up

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I was having a similar issue where the Disarm on Arrival automation would not disarm the STHM. (I’m on Android.) Here’s how I fixed it.

My automation was created by the migration wizard, as I just recently migrated from Classic. I was rooting around the IDE and noticed that there are two entries for my phone, one as a placeholder and one as a mobile presence device. (I only remember the placeholder when looking before, so the mobile presence entry is either new or I missed it. I found it this time by sorting.)

In any event, I have 2 devices with the same name. In the Disarm on Arrival automation, I selected the “Who” to edit it and discovered my identical devices. I unchecked the one that had been checked and checked the other one, and the automation now works. I suspect that the automation was using the placeholder device and not the mobile presence devices and that was causing the automation to fail.

(As an aside, prior to discovering this, I also went into the Advanced Options for the Location mode and turned on the precondition. I haven’t turned it off as of yet, so I have no idea if that’s absolutely required or not.)

I have tried that and still no luck unfortunately

And thus your problem, If your Wife’s IOS device says Mobile Presence, and your device says Placeholder, then your device will never work. Placeholder is not Mobile Presense and this is an issue. I’d be surprised if they fixed mobile presence as they don’t even have my ticket opened anymore. Sorry you’re having the Presence issue, one of ST downfall for a long time.

Hi Dave
Yea i gave up. I got a headache going over the app and settings. Support responses…all of a sudden stopped.

Thanks for replying

I am just holding out…before I make the decision for Hubitat

Keep getting this from support for the past week

I keep getting this for the past week+

Are there ANY “working” alternatives to Presence detection set aside from
-mobile presence
-life 360 (attempted /new app will not allow to add)


Tyler :sleepy:

Presence based on a login to a unifi access point is working quite well for me.

[Edit - with links]

Smart app to allow wifi logins to be sent to ST :

Smart app to toggle virtual presence sensors :

Other than A Unified access point

My Android location issues of late are definitely a Google Location Services problem.

Earlier today my Internet provider dropped completely for about 5 minutes. Both Nest and SmartThings notified that I was suddenly Away. Neither one of them recovered to Home status so I changed them both manually and went on with my day.

A couple of hours later I realized that Nest was popping motion notifications that should not go off when I’m Home.

At this point I was outside on the unroofed sun deck. I opened up Google Maps and saw it’s “circle of uncertainty” was large, probably a couple of miles across. It only took a few seconds before it zeroed in on my exactly location. As soon as Google maps CofU shrank down, I got a “Hal is Home” notification from SmartThings.

I’ve experimented a bit. The “GPS Status and Toolbox” app is pretty useful. I can see all the satellite fixes dropping off when I step under the metal roof. When that happens the Maps CofU grows larger and location sometimes jumps to a town about 20 miles southwest of my location.