Mobile Presence Beta! (iOS Only)

(Jeffrey) #41

I believe they rolled out at least some of the beta features to all users with the later app updates. At least I think.

(David Johnson) #42

+1 on that, but what will your GF do if she enters your home and the alarms go off (i.e. presence sensor didn’t work correctly)? …she should be able to arm/disarm - I recommend also loaded the ST app on her phone.

(Squatting Hen) #43

Just saw this now…I still have presence issues, and Brad has even reviewed them. Is this still beta still being worked?

(Jeff) #44

I’m likely switching from Android to iOS in the next few days. Is there any way to get enrolled in the beta to resolve these mobile presence issues in iOS11, or is the beta closed off? Is the issue now resolved for everyone?


(James) #45

Any ETA on the release for this? It’s extremely frustrating that it is still not working properly and I have my presence sensors tied into so many automations that are just randomly not working ever since I switched to iOS 11 (been beta testing 11 since it’s initial beta release back in June). How can I get in on the beta testing?


Crossposting here - the presence issues continue to be the utter downfall of the entire SmartThings ecosystem. Is there any update on the outcomes of this beta program? It was a few months ago and there were several iOS app updates that promised to “improve mobile presence detection” but have done exactly nothing to help the problem as far as I can tell.

Ref other, long running thread: Mobile device presence broken with iOS 11

(Marc) #47

Use WebCoRe’s Mobile Presence, it’s worked flawless for months. The good news is Smartthings hired @ady624 and hopefully he can bring that working code over…

(Jeffrey) #48

I was in the beta and I believe a lot of the enhancements have been rolled in for all but I could be wrong. I have had no real presence issues with my phone or my wife’s phone in a while.

(Lock Madi) #49

For android?

(Mark) #50

The title of this thread is:

Mobile Presence Beta! (iOS Only)