Mixed US and EU hub

I have US version home connect and UK version V2 hub

I found that all the things added in “SmartThings” app (for uk) that will be show in “Samsung connect” app (for US)
If add the the hub into home connect it will take over SmartThings cannot add the things or market place but it can expand the zigbee and may mixed us/eu zwave (not tested zwave) also all the “things” still remain of added in SmartThings before

You are possibly split between two SmartThings Cloud “Shards”. EU uses a different Shard than the 3 in USA.

Use the IDE (https://account.SmartThings.com) to click on My Locations and then see if each Location directs you to a different target URL.

More info:

When I add the new device. Connet App as me which hub you want to add to… ( in same wifi network)

The zigbee doesn’t mesh/extend.