Connect Home vs SmartThings hub in IDE


can all Smart apps, device types etc developped for the SmartThings hub be also used with the Connect Home hub?

From, it can be derived that US and EU are hosted on different platforms. Can self-developped smart apps or device handlers be used on both platform US and EU?

Thanks for helping to distinguish between all these products from developers’ Point of view.

Greetings out of the EU. :wink:

Not all, but most.

  1. You can only count on SmartThings Support giving you answers for certified device types and certified published SmartApps. Even those are subject to change; read the Terms of Use.

  2. There are firmware differences in the Hubs / Connect that may affect any code, whether written by ST or not.

  3. The new App (“SmartThings App” … was Samsung Connect Smart Home or whatever?) is currently not capable of running most custom device types. Use the SmartThings Classic App to maximize compatibility. The Connect Hub, however, will probably encourage you to use the new App. So that’s … that.

  4. Some folks are reporting that Smart Home Monitor, as one example, is not available for new accounts using the ADT Security Hub version of SmartThings hubs. Just one SmartApp, but … a big one. Not geographic issue, and not a hardware issue. We don’t know exactly why this problem exists or hasn’t been publicly addressed.

  5. The “different platforms” (NA, EU, AP) are actually called Cloud Shards and are likely > 90% identical in functionality. There isn’t intended to be differences, but there are unintentional ones. You will never get a list of these from SmartThings.

Greetings out of the NA! :wink:


I have Samsung Connect Home and a lot of things seems to be just like Smartthings hub, but right now I cant get Aqara/Xiaomi sensors to keep connected. They only stay online for like 2 hours and then disconnects…
Cant find any soluttion how to fix it…