Can't see my published apps?


Been playing around with a couple of apps. Even ran one through the simulator a bunch of times. I published both apps to myself only and I still can’t see them. I made sure I’m using the right credentials for dev, I made sure I’m looking in the right category but all I see on my iphone when I hit “my apps” is a quick spinning wheel followed by “no SmartApps found.” Any ideas?


I’m in the same boat, let me know if you find any tricks to pushing them through.


You have to log out of the Smartthings app and then log back in.

Glad to have

found this! Completely non-intuitive. Did I miss it in the documentation?!?

Definitely not in the documentation, but it should be. Thanks Michael, logging out and logging back in helped me out as well. My “My Apps” category didn’t appear at all until I did that.

I have a little bit different of a problem. I have written my code, saved and tested the code, and even published the app to the “My Apps” folder and all of that worked fine for me. I can see the app and it runs as designed. My issue is the app has become old or out of date for me and I wish to delete it. I have uninstalled the app from my phone but when I click the DELETE button in the app properties on the Dev web page I get an error that the app cannot be deleted because one or more person is using it.

I never shared the app so I should have been the only person with access to it, and when I look on my phone in the ST app it does indeed say one person is using it. I still can’t help but assume that I am the only person and don’t know how to unassociated myself from the app at this point. Any ideas?