Anyone find a cosmetic way of wall mount Aeon 4 button remote

The remote is useful, just looking for a pretty way to wall mount it. Too bad they didn’t come out with a wall mount face plate like Lutron or Philips did.


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Aeon’s upcoming WallMote seems to solve this issue. Though it might be a long wait as Aeon’s “coming soon” can take quite a while.

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My wife didn’t care for this one:


A perfect combination of form and function – what’s not to love! :smile:

I like it :smile: not sure my family will

I use 3M Command Strips … “Velcro Edition”.

The strip is nearly entirely hidden, is safe against most wall materials, and the Minimote can be removed and replaced as often as desired (for occasional handheld use, and, of course, recharging).