Two versions of the Aeon Labs Aeotec Minimote?

(Oliver) #1

OK, so I’m a little bummed out cause I just acquired a lightly used Aeon Labs Minimote and apparently there seems to be two versions of this remote out in the market. The version I have may have been designed for a verizon system (some are sold with the title verizon skin on ebay) where the top buttons have the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and JOIN button under the slider.


  1. Has anyone with this numbered version gotten their remote to work with the button controller app? I hear that the other version out there WITHOUT the numbered buttons and with the LEARN button seems to work fine with the app.

  2. Should I come to a conclusion for now that it is not currently compatible/supported by SmartThings?

My experience on this “numbered/JOIN” remote:
With my “numbered” version, when I pair the remote using the JOIN button the hub recognizes the remote as a “Z-Wave Remote” but when I tap to configure and name the remote “A new device was added, but was not the correct type. Continue to search…” then in the things menu I see a blue circle with the number 1 and the words “Not Yet Configured”. It seems like it’s actually paired with the hub since it is now seen as a “thing” however it will not be recognized as a button from the button controller app. ugh… :frowning:

Thanks for any support or experience you may have on these remotes!


Hey there!

I have the numbered version and it works wonderfully. I’d first try removing and re-adding the device. The steps to remove and exclude are here:

When you’re prompted to confirm on the device you’ll press the “Join” button.

When you’re ready to add it in click the plus on the Dashboard then select “Connect New Device”. Press the “Join” button again and it should add right in.

If you can’t complete that process or run into any other weirdness email us at or jump on live chat at

(Cindy) #3

Plug you minimote into your PC and go to the Aeon website, and update to the latest firmware. It will now work like the other model, even the unlabeled buttons under the slide will allow you to do associations etc.