Minimote V1 $13.95 w/Free shipping


Use code EMM5 to drop the price to $13.95 Limit 5 qty


Two things:

One) first, verify with the seller that this is in fact the US frequency and not EU or Asia. It says “US warranty” but that’s not the same thing. I do you know of cases in the past where someone has bought a markdown item on buydig and it turned out to not be on the US frequency.

  1. be aware that in the past Aeon labs has stated that anything bought on eBay or buydig is considered used and they will not honor the warranty on it.

Everything may be fine, but it’s just something to be aware of.

Also, I’ll just toss in my personal recommendation for anyone who is buying more than one minimote: label the back with a color dot sticker or a number written in sharpie so you can tell them apart. You can thank me later. :wink:

(Realy Living Dream) #3

That is one of the first things I do. Well actually I put a letter right on the front with a Sharpee, but same general principle. Just in case one grows legs and moves itself from one room to another.

(Michael Hess) #4

I have a template, label it, print it, cut it out, use a glue stick to adhere it for easy replacement. Works very well and can have unique colors for each remote/button.


There’s been some talk about labeling these little guys plus an improved DH which will show what button does what.


An quasi-eidetic memory helps :head_bandage:


Eidetic memory doesn’t help if the devices look identical and somebody else moves them while you were asleep. Trust me on this. :wink: