Minimote 2-pack $24.95 w/free shipping

( referral link) it came from their site so I’m giving them the credit

Just be aware that Aeon labs considers all sales from buydig and eBay to be sales of used equipment and will not honor warranties.

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:open_mouth: I did not know this! Out of curiousity, where did you hear this?

I asked Aeon labs last year after somebody reported it on the forums when they tried to get a device replaced. You can ask them yourself, maybe they’ve changed the policy. If you do, let us know what they say, but that’s a pretty common policy for electronics manufacturers.

Yeah I figured that unless it’s an official distributor the warranty wouldn’t be covered but I guess I just assumed BuyDig had become big enough that it was.

Pretty sure most of what they sell is surplus from other retailers, they didn’t buy directly from the manufacturer in many cases.

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I recently bought one from Ritz for $14, but the battery only last a few hours. Any idea if they fall under warranty? has anyone else had this issue?

I bought three through the recent Ritz Camera sale and one of them is defective and won’t charge at all. All three boxes appeared to have been opened and resealed also, though none showed signs of use. Not 100% happy with the deal.

I updated my firmware and it seems to be working better now! Try updating from the aeon labs site

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Yes the first thing you do , is plug in into a computer with the included Mini USB cable, once it is charged , run the FW update program downloaded from AeonLabs.
I have found that they really like the cords that come with them and don’t like it when you just use any old cord you happen to grab.

I had a similar issue with one of mine not charging. When I took it out of the box and plugged it in it wouldn’t charge. I left it off the charger for a few days and plugged it back in and it started charging.

nvm updated the firmware now makes the battery last for 8 hours… so that didnt solve the issue. Bummer, hopefully Aeon will replace it!