MimoLite 12VDC Sensor

I have a doorbell that is wired to transmit a signal over 12VDC.

The MimoLite is connected to the doorbell on the signal detected input.

The Smartthings MimoLite Device in the App is accurately reading the voltage (1.8V when idle - 11V when the doorbell is rung)

I am using the Smartthings code (provided by the manufacturer: https://github.com/fortrezz/smartthings/blob/master/mimolite/devicehandler.groovy)

The issue is that I cannot find a way to create a Smartthings Application based on the change of the signal input (eg trigger an event with the doorbell being pressed (which is detected by the voltage spike).

The Mimolite itself is responding via the Signal LED - that when the doorbell is rung, the signal LED lights up green.

Any suggestions or applications already available? I browsed previous threads to no avail

Hi @Greg_Williams,

I hate to say this, but I just purged old code I wasn’t using anymore - some of which was a doorbell DTH for the MimoLite! I never thought anyone else would do it, so I said “it’s gone”.


Check out this discussion: (it’s an oldie)

and this DTH: