Ring Voltage Sensor

My doorbells are connected to a POTS bridge which rings my telephones. I’d like to be able to detect the ring voltage and send an event to SmartThings. Anyone know of such a sensor?

Short of that, I could build something that senses the ring voltage and close some dry contacts. Is there a sensor available that would send an event on a simple contact closure?


@wackware was integrating in the FortrezZ MIMOlite and noticed it had the ability to read inputs like that. And specifically voltages. To be honest he has submitted code and I haven’t had the ability to approve it yet (sorry Todd :()

The Schlage Contact Sensors can also read inputs, but not distinguish voltage levels.

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Ive been using the MIMOlite for about a week now for a few different things and I have to say it rocks! Its probably the most useful smart device I have tried so far. I currently have mine monitoring wired smoke alarms.