MIMOlite + Doorbell + SmartThings

Hello everyone,

I am sorry if this question was posted previously, but honestly I couldn’t find it using with the Search Function…

Anyway, I recently moved to an apartment that had Videx as doorbell - either in my own apartment, as in the entrance of the building.

The problem is that I am deaf, and although I’m using hearing aids, it’s completely impossible to hear the specific frequency that my doorbell uses. It has many more melodies, but none of them are good for me. Another problem is that I can’t easily change my doorbell system, as it is connected to the system at entrance, also Videx.

So I’ve been searching about what I could do to solve that - I’m losing all my orders from Internet, because I can’t hear the door… And the solution that I really wanted was to connect my Videx doorbell to anything that could send notifications to my mobile phone. It could be an amazing solution as I’m always with the phone.

I found that solution:

And this one:

I think they seem to be ALMOST the same thing of what I want, however… there’s a difference.

My doorbell system is Videx 3676, which also forwards video from the building entrance when someone rings from there.

It’s schemathic is in the following url:

I’m willing to buy a SmartThings set and a mimolite if that solves my problem, however I could not find any reference if it’s possible to forward a screenshot or video of that camera in my videx to the notification, or if I’ll lose that capability if attaching a Mimolite.

Does anyone have any idea if it’s possible or if there are other solutions.