MiHome adapters not working when they used to work great

Hi, I’m not sure what the problem is but I have tried everything I can think of to get them working again. Firstly they started playing up and working sometimes and not others.
Today I tried taking them out of the MiHome app and then re-adding again. Still the same problem.
They all work fine using the Energenie/MiHome app on my phone.
They won’t work using ST. I have removed all sockets, put them back at least 6 times. Each time it says updating in the ST app, but none are appearing in “things”. Alexa turns them off and on. But ST can’t find them (even though it says added when I tick all the boxes and save. It is seeing them, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tick the boxes, but they just won’t show up. I have tried removing the app/integration from ST but it won’t let me. It just says “This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users” so I can’t delete it and start again. Is anyone else having problems? I even deleted the hub in the MiHome app and set it up all over again. ST still won’t find any of the 8 sockets. All work fine using the android app. Also work fine using web page in Windows.

Can anybody help me uninstal/remove/take out, the MiHome integration?

Finally sussed it out, I was coming close to doing a factory reset of the ST Hub.
All working now.

How did you solve this issue ?

Hi, It’s a few months ago now and to be honest I suffer from short term memory loss. I think I made sure that all my other apps that are integrated in ST had nothing related to MiHome in any routines I had set up. IE: iftt, stringify, webcore, yonolo, Alexa, Googlehome, Harmony etc. Once they are all cleared of anything related to MiHome it will then let you delete the app. Once deleted I renamed my Mihome hub to a new name then reinstalled it in ST again, added the sockets or whatever you use in MiHome/Energenie and then also added to all the other apps again.
I think that is all. If something else pops into my empty head I will post it here.
Good luck.

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