Mi|Home and Smartthings

Does any one know if MiHome energenie products work with the Smartthings Hub?


From what I can see the sockets at least run on 433MHZ which means they won’t work directly with ST.

You could possibly use IFTTT to make something work though. There is likely a API that could be integrated with ST too but haven’t had a chance to look for any documentation.

API is in development and there is some limited documentation:

I have a suspicion that it’s very similar (or the same) as LightwaveRF

I have just purchased some MiHome eTRV (radiator valves) and used their published API to plug it into SmartThings. Works well so far.

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Did anybody make an progress on getting the plugs working with ST? Some of the work you’ve managed to do Alyc is really good, I’m using the hive add-on as well.

I’d happily send you a plug if it would help you configure.


What is the Hive add on for, I have ST and Hive thermostat
Do you where I can find it