Migrations questions

Hi everyone,

I have a SmartThings v1 hub running since a couple of years. Had lots of kink to sort out at first but has been working generally well.

I bought a new hub (v3) a couple of month back with the idea of migrating to it. I then realized that the migration process is actually to “rebuild” everything from scratch so I have been procrastinating for some time now.

Since I have to rebuild everything, I thought it might be a good time to changes some things in my setup regarding automation. One of the thing would be to use the new SmartThings app instead of the classic I am still using.

Is there any problem/limitations in running on hub (v1) using the old app while I manually migrate my things to the new hub using the new app?

Having both apps on the same phone may cause presence for that phone to be unreliable. Other than that, there are quite a few people who have run both versions of the app for awhile.

If you use smart home monitor in the classic app you also need to be aware that it is completely different code from smartthings home monitor in the new app, so you can’t dismiss notifications from one in the other. See the community FAQ:

FAQ: SHM and STHM are different

Finally, one issue to be aware of is that you may not have enough Z wave or zigbee repeaters to have a good networks on both hubs. This can be tricky to balance. As you remove devices which are repeaters from your V1 hub, that network efficiency will go down and some devices might even become unreachable. And as you slowly add devices which are repeaters to your V3 hub, you may not have enough repeaters there at the beginning.

So this is just something to be aware of as you start moving devices over.

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Thank you very much for the answer. I probably won’t setup any presence sensor until the end of the migration of my devices anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Good thing to know about the repeaters devices also.