Migration to New Login Nothing but trouble. and Support is no HELP

(Sal Marano) #1

ok so I had to migrate to the Samsung login in on my Iphone 8 and my wife’s phone, now I can’t get her back on as a user, according the the people at ST they confirmed it is a bug and there is no FIX.
So you have to start using the new ap. I am about fed up with these guys. Any updates cause trouble and a lot of redoing of set ups.

Very disappointed in the support as well, they don’t take chat anymore, they don’t email back and they put you on hold for ever.

Might need to find another solution. this is getting real old.

(Bob) #2

I’ve had nothing but problems too.

(Daniel McDougall) #3

The back on as a user thing I found was caused by the fact it defaults to a different home location