Migration & Alex Skill Confusion

Hey all. A few months ago I started using the new app, manually creating new automations and whatnot and deleting the routines in the classic app. After getting the message that I needed to update the Alexa skill, I saw that the classic app (which I had not opened for some time), is now telling me it’s time to migrate. Since I have already migrated manually, do I just ignore this or is there some action I should take?

Second issue, I had run a goodnight routine by saying, “Alexa, goodnight” which triggered a virtual switch to turn on STHM, turn off lights and lock the front door. Since installing the new Alexa skill, this routine stopped working. Thinking the issue was with the door lock, I removed it from the automation, however, Alexa still does not “see” the virtual switch when trying to edit the routine. Is this just one of the many bugs I’ve been reading about regarding the new Alexa skill?


On your first point, if you are happy with your manual migration, it is suggested that you just ignore the migration tool. It won’t do more than you have already done and its conversion of routines into automations might cause issues.

Can’t help on your second point though as I don’t use Alexa.

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Thanks! That’s what I had originally thought but when I read, “Migrate your location” it got me thinking there was more I needed to do. I also tried searching other posts regarding this scenario but didn’t find anything.

I also manually migrated months ago. I concur with black-paladin, and the SmartThings folks are advising the same.

I too use a virtual switch (the SmartThings written device handler version) to exposed the STHM to Alexa and Google Home, and it works fine with the new Alexa skill so keep troubleshooting.

When I was using the old Alexa skill, it always had issues staying in sync with SmartThings devices. If I made any changes, like changing the device name in SmartThings, those changes would cause Alexa issues when using the old Alexa skill. I’m sure glad they fixed that in the new skill. However, I’ll bet strange issues can happen when the old Alexa skill is out of sync with current SmartThings devices the new Alexa skill is activated.

As for your issue, since the Alexa app doesn’t see the virtual switch, I’d go to the Alexa website portal and see if the virtual switch is listed there in the device listing. If so, I’d remove the virtual switch from the Alexa website device list since your saying that the Alexa app can’t see it anyway. Then I’d rediscover devices using the Alexa app, and hopefully it will find the SmartThings virtual switch and sync it up so that Alexa can see it and use it in Alexa routines.

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Thanks for the info that your virtual switch is functioning correctly… I was able to see the switch in devices in the Alexa app so I deleted it and, after rediscovering, it worked! Tested last night and I’m back to normal.

Thanks also for sending the other post on migration as well. Hoping I won’t have any more issues for the time being.