Virtual switches (alexa) keep braking

i have quite a few alexa virtual switches inside yhe new app and they keep failing. I keep fixing them by going inside the ide and changing the published to self published but they keep failing after a few days. What is going on?

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Update. By changing the pushing setting inside the ide no longer fixes the issue :frowning:

@Brad_ST please help me!!!

I added a new device of this type today. It shows up in the app fine, but the sensor and the switch no longer stay in sync.

Here you can see that the switch is off, but the sensor remains open. :disappointed_relieved:

The virtual switch does change state within alexa when changed inside smartthings, but it does not work with alexa routines anymore.

@Andremain That issue is due to the new alexa skill. See this thread:

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Well that sucks. I have lots of devices operated through virtual switches. Now my automations dont work.

BTW, here is the staff response on this issue: