Migrating presence to iPhone 6

Guys, I am switching from iPhone 5 to 6 tomorrow and was wondering how to go about this. I am specially scared about the mobile presence part of it. Before switching to the new phone, should I be removing myself from the mobile presence on the old phone app, remove myself from all SmartApps that rely on my presence, remove the ST SmartApp from the old phone and start all over as far as presence is concerned on the new iPhone 6 so that the new device is registered in the ST platform?

Hi Ron,

I went through this and it was painless. Both of my new iPhones were restored from backups. I then removed the ST app from the old phones.

The only issue I encountered was self-inflicted. Make sure to login to ST App with the proper email, password combination. I logged into my wife’s phone with my credentials and for a couple of days there were two of me roaming the streets. Plays havoc with any apps or modes based on presence.

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Been there! Weeks back I had signed on my wife’s iPhone using my credentials and presence had gone haywire. :slight_smile:

It was a breeze switching to iPhone 6. And may be I am speculating but the presence appears to have improved on this new phone once I registered it.