Migrating GE-12722 Z-Wave light switches to Gen 3 hub

I am one of the Gen 1 hub folks that recently had theirs turned off. I have since bought a Gen 3 hub, and I’m ready to set my existing devices to it. I have a bunch of GE-12722 Z-Wave Smart Switches I would like to use with the new hub, but I can’t seem to get it into pairing mode. I’ve tried pulling out the tab, combinations of pushing/holding the light switch buttons, but nothing happens no matter what I try.

Am I SOL here? Am I forgetting something? Since I no longer have the old hub, I have no way to exclude the existing devices from the old hub (if that can even be done now that they’ve been deactiveated).

Any ideas here?

The people who developed zwave standard understood that there might be times when you need to do an exclusion and you don’t have the original hub anymore. Maybe the hub itself broke, maybe you bought the switch used, whatever.

For this reason, you can issue a Z wave “general exclusion“ from any hub, it doesn’t have to be the one that the switch was previously joined to. So that part is fine.

I will have to leave it to others to talk about exactly how to do the general exclusion as I can’t use the new app.

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to exclude…

go to the Devices section, click on the menu in the upper left of the screen, select All Devices, find and open your hub, select the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and open z-wave utilities

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I almost forgot… Because these are older devices, they don’t support network wide inclusion, which means you may need to have the hub within 1/2 of each switch in order to get the exclude to work. You can bring the switches to the hub, which I know may be a pain, or you can bring the hub to the switch.

If you do have to move either the hub or the switches to complete the exclusion and inclusion, then again, because these are older devices, you will need to run a zwave repair once the hub and the switches are back in their final locations so that the neighbor tables get updated.

Yeah, I did go into the app and try the Exclusion mode, but after a few minutes, it came back and said no devices were deleted. When I go to the website and look at my account, it only shows the new Gen 3 hub - all the other devices are gone (I guess they literally got wiped when the Gen 1 hubs were deactivated).
I also tried the Z-Wave Repair and while that did come back after a second, didn’t seem to have any effect.
Fortunately, I have a 50-foot ethernet cable just for situations like this, so I was able to move the hub into the kitchen where I’m trying to get these first two devices set up, with the hub anywhere from one to three feet away from the switches. Nothing is working here either. I press up/down on the switches and nothing happens in the app while it’s scanning. Also tried several presses, as well as pulling out that little tab at the bottom (the manual doesn’t even say what that is for).
So yeah, still no luck. :worried:

General exclusion is always a two-step process.

One) you have the hub issue the general exclusion

Two) while that command is being broadcast, you do something physically with the switch to accept that command. I believe for this particular model you just have to either turn it on or turn it off, but I’ve seen reports of all different kinds of tap patterns, so I don’t know for sure.

Anyway, the timing does matter. You have to be manipulating the switch at the time that the hub is broadcasting the general exclude.

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That was it. I guess I didn’t know how Exclusion worked because I’ve never used it (plus it’s almost midnight here :sleeping: ). I was able to do that properly with the two switches and get them added to the new hub. Thanks everyone! Now I need to go through everything else to see what will work and won’t. Switches are good to go (just have to do the rest).


Hi, I am having the same issues with adding devices to my new hub (v1.0 to v. 3.0). Can you share what you did?


I responded to your post in the other thread.


Yeah, it was a combination of what @jkp and @JDRoberts said in their responses. Put your new hub into Exclusion mode, remove the old devices one at a time, then add them back in like normal after that.

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