Midea Dehumidifier

There are some workaround integrations for some other Midea devices, but I haven’t seen the dehumidifier referenced. They claim integration with “Voice Control”, so I assume that means Alexa/Google. Is anyone aware of ST integration for Midea? Is it limited to indirect control through 3rd parties? Ideally, any integration would allow control (sleep mode, fan speed, setpoint), as well as expose triggers to ST based on status (humidity, fill status)

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If you can pair it with the Tuya or Smart Life apps you can get some limited on/off control in ST.

I have a Honeywell dehumidifier that said to use the Honeywell Air app, but I was able to pair it with the SmartLife app which gives me limited on/off control from ST.

I don’t think it works with the smart life app, but I could be wrong. As far as I can tell though, midea Devices only work with Alexa or Google assistant. So you could use Alexa routines as an intermediary, but that’s about it. :thinking:

A lot of people just use an inexpensive dumb humidifier that will turn on when power is restored and plug it into a smart plug. That would give you local control with the right smart plug model, but you wouldn’t get any of the advanced features have a more expensive dehumidifier. Just on and off. Of course you can use sensor readings from other sensors to control when you turn it on or off, but that’s not the same thing.

I considered this, but most dehumidifiers have a fan cycle that needs to run right after being turned off. Hard power failures aren’t great for a lot of units. I assumed the Alexa/Google route would be it.

@Paul_Oliver According to Midea support, integration is limited to Alexa/Google. Thanks for the hint though. May be a reason to look into another unit.

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In these cases I look at other platforms what has been achieved there.

Home Assistant has a custom component which uses this python library to control the device through a Web API.

As it is using an API, you can have a look on that code and you can build your own Connector SmartApp to access that.

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That is a different model but it may be compatible.

It is “easy” to check.

Just get the login credentials and access the API with a client like Postman.

The endpoints are listed in the readme of the repo.

My confusion with this, is that Midea has another app… Not for the cube - but its called MSmartLife - and it integrates with IFTTT - but Midea Air doesn’t. I’m about to go see if I can connect my Cube to MSmartLife and not use Midea Air. - Its ridiculous they have multiple apps, that function the same, for the same type appliances, but they ?can’t? use the same app…

I’m using the NetHome Plus app now, just login with your Midea AIr login info, it seems more user friendly anyway!