New device integrations? (Alexa, Dyson, iRobot)

will there ever be amazon echo speaker integration, dyson link integration and irobot integrations?? that would complete alot of peoples smartthings homes…

Irobot should be supported via the next version of matter in the next few months.


There is an official Alexa integration. The vast majority your ST devices will show up and be controlled by Alexa.

If you have a ST hub and you want ST to trigger an Alexa routine to say something all you need is to create a virtual switch with integral contact sensor in ST. There are at least 2 ways to create these.

If you don’t have a ST hub you can use a virtual lock created in ST to trigger Alexa Routines.

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Any cloud to cloud integrations would come from their end as they would own and maintain the integration.

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As others have said, there is already Echo integration that works well, although if you want to have the echo do something (as opposed to having Alexa request that smartthings do something) you have to use a virtual device to trigger an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine).

in most cases now the integration is the responsibility of the device manufacturer, not smartthings. Samsung has published the smartthings API so anyone can use it.

Alternatively, smartthings will be supporting the new industry standard, matter, as far as bringing devices into the smartthings app.

So at this point, you should contact the device manufacturer for any device You are interested in seeing integrated and ask them if they have plans for either matter support or a custom smartthings integration. :thinking:

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