Midea Edge Testers Wanted

I am starting development on an edge driver for Midea air conditioners, humidifers and dehumidifers. I would like to find people willing to test that have Midea hardware and are familiar with CLI. Let me know if you are interested.


Hi, I have midea ac unit and I can help from time to time.


For anyone interested. I am also looking for users of NetHomePlus, Midea Air, and MSmartHome apps. The devices in this family can be used with any of these apps, and the authentication is different for each. If interested, you can DM me your device info and app of choice. This is a work in progress, and it will be a bit before it is ready for prime time, but it is moving forward.

I have a version running now after understanding their wire protocol. Would have been much simpler with documentation. For v2 devices, it should auto-discover and work for basic on/off. v3 devices require cloud authentication with one of their apps (NetHomePlus/Midea Air/MSmartHome). The resulting token can be used for local control. The tricky part is that the token currently needs to be manually entered and it is very long.

Are you willing to test at this level? Running local scripts, getting the token, entering it manually, etc.

I would be willing to test this for my Midea U Window AC. I am currently using the new MSmartHome app since the old app is slated to expire on 12/31 according to Midea.

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Great. If you can DM me a screenshot of the controls for that AC unit, it would help me out. I am working from sample data and don’t have a physical unit to see which buttons and features are available. I’ll start an alpha test thread for this group once I’m ready. Should be this week.