Micro controller to replace Aeotec Motor Controller?

Hi there, i am nem info home tech i have a smartthings hub nas Just perchased the Eletric curtain From dooya which works with a demite aright, i would like Alex to controle it nas as far i got my research i need to buy micro controller from Aeotec it seems nit to be available in any online shops… does anyone knows any other substitute fir the micro controller every ideas are welcome…

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Qubino makes a similar device. It is available on both the US and UK zwave frequencies.

US frequency:

UK frequency:


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Thans JDRoberts,

One other questions for you, it may sound dummy but i need to ask… if one has morr then tow windows and wants to use that micro controller, is there a need to use one for each window or can it be connected in series?!

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I’m sorry, I don’t know. I would get in touch with the retailer at the link I gave above: both of those retailers are very reputable and have a good tech-support department and should be able to help you.

These devices are designed to control a signle motor of the blinds. It would be theoretically possible to connect more of them, but since the device detects position via wattage readings of the motor you’ll inevitably tamper with this, since multiple motors will be wired to it. This is true for any blinds control device that uses wattage reading to detect moving/stopping or position values (so the Fibaro ones and so on…).

I guess you could set them to use time positioning instead of wattage detection. but none of the currently available z-wave blinds control devices seems to be designed to drive multiple motors at once.

You could still achieve the desired operation via using one device per motor and associate or set up scenes for them.