Roller shade controller and switch

Hello! A couple years ago, I installed a Dooya curtain track with a Aeotec micro motor controller. I love it! I purchased a Dooya motor roller shade for a different room quite some time ago. I’m installing it now. When I purchased it, the Aeotec micro motor controller that worked in conjunction with a wall switch was readily available. Then I saw the new version didn’t work with a wall switch. It looks like there’s a lot of new products, and I feel overwhelmed searching for what I need. Would someone please suggest a z wave micro motor controller and wall switch? Thanks!

Maybe one of the qubino shutter devices.

Mark, this looks like it will do exactly what I need. Thanks!

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I got a Leviton momentary contact switch and a Qubino flush shutter. I am not able to upload their manuals because this website does not give me permission to upload PDFs. I attached my wiring diagram. Would someone please let me know if it is correct?