Aeotec (Aeon) DSC14104 Micro Motor Controller + new SmartThings app

Good evening,
I have 3 motorized roller shutters that I control with the Samsung Hub V2 and Aeotec (Aeon) DSC14104 Micro Motor Controller via Smartthings classic app.
I’ve never been able to make the shutters work with the new version of the application (android) because the motor controllers are read as dimmers , so with new smartthings app I can only fully open or close the shutters completely, without being able to partially open or close them and also the app freezes and crashes every time.
I read that in a short time the classic version of the app will be discontinued and I am very worried, how will I be able to control the shutters? The same problem arises when I have to change my smartphone and I can no longer download the classic version of the app.
Do you have advice, suggestions, solutions?
Thank you for the help.

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Stefania, did you figure this out?

Not yet, I’m waiting for someone to fix the problem

I have same problem: cant stop halfway in the new app.
Did anyone fixed this?

No, and now with the new app I can’t control my blinds anymore.
Can someone help me?

It doesn’t look like the Micro Motor Controller is going to be supported by Smartthings, so I plan on replacing mine with the Quibino Flush Shutter.

Looks like a working handler was found here on the Smartthings Github page -

@Quemero @Dissonance

Thanks! It seems to work fine.