Aeon Labs Motor controller is not available anymore?

I need some Aeon Labs Motor controllers DSC14014 for my curtains, but could not find them anywhere.
Amazon also has no more stock

Do you where I can buy them?

@TheSmartestHouse may be able to confirm availability. They carry Qubino that may work for you:


This product has been discontinued and we don’t have any plans to stock them in the future. As mentioned by @ritchierich the Qubino modules are a great alternative, they’re much smaller and equipped with Z-Wave Plus.

They also come in 2 versions:


12/24V DC:

Feel free to contact our support with any detailed questions!

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Thanks for your info.
Can ZMNHCD3 module work with 220v motor?

Yes it can. All of Qubino’s modules except dimmers will work well under 220V. Dimmers could work under 200V but are designed for 60Hz electrical frequency and 220V usually comes with 50Hz so flickering may occur. You’re safe with the shutter modules through.

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Just ordered 1 module from your site to test with Dooya motor, before buying for all 6 curtains in my house.
Hope it works well.


Let us know how it goes!

Here’s the link to the handler:

Hi! How did it go!?? Im in the same situstuon with some dooya motors (15).


So busy final steps to finish the house, will test & install it this weekend

Ok perfect. Inordered one as well tontry. Ibreally want to have the open/close/stop and percentage options

I’ve tested the Qubino module with both 110v & 220v and confirm that it work well with Dooya motor (it can be used with 24v too, but I didn’t test because my motor is 110-220v).
The inclusion process also very simple, you even don’t need to press any button on the UP/DOWN keypad.
It seems to be a great module since it has some extra functions (which I haven’t got time to check them yet)
***It can integrate with temperature module
***It has association function which you could group modules together so when you press open one module it sends command to trigger other module in the group
***Function for calibrate

I will test these extra functions when I have time.
Going to order some more for all curtains in my house.

I want to buy a temperature module to use with QUBINO motor controller but I could not find it in your site.
Could you give me the link?

We don’t carry the sensor as an accessory yet but you can get it on Amazon. The sensor type is DS18B20:

You will also need a connector to plug into the terminal:
Manufacturer: JST
Type: ZHR-3

And contact: SZH-002T-P05 or SZH-003T-P05

Crimping can be done with crimping tool or pilers.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Hi! Great news, thanks for the feedback! One question, are you able to use it alse in percentages? Kind of as a dimmer bar? Ive seend that the FIbaro Roller SHutter 2 can do this.


Already got mine and working as expected! Already ordered more.

Just one question regarding the device handler, do you think its possible to add a stop button? So I can stop the movement of the curtain when opening or closing?


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I’ve just finished calibration process for all curtains, and can control them from smartthings UI as expected.
However I couldn’t find anyway to integrate them with ST routines (ie open the curtain in living room on I’m Back routine),
also could not find a method to use Alexa to control them (capability “doorControl” is missing in the DH. :frowning:
Any advise?

I am a new user of smart things and new to these boards. I am also in the process of designing new motorized curtains and have similar questions about operation within smart things. I noticed on the page for the module it says it will work with the smart things hub but that it requires a custom device handler (which can be downloaded from that page) has anyone tried that custom handler yet and can comment on scenes and possibility of stopping at a % open or closed?

I just received my dooya motor and quibino shutter control but am having a rough time getting the system to work. I didn’t have any issues adding it to the smart things system, but I cannot get it to control the motor. Do you have a picture of the wiring you did to the controller? Do you have a wall switch or just using zwave? Do you have the dooya motor with the 4 wires? Can you take a picture or draw a schematic for me? I think I have it right on, but nothing is happening. Did you install the device handler as well? Thanks for your help.

You need to calibrate your quibino (it’s very hard process)
Without calibration my motor run for about 1 second then stop in both open/close direction.

I could not make it work until I change the parameter 74 (Motor moving up/down time) => 3500
Refer this post for info

Thank you. Did you use the custom device handler that is out there for the