Mesh extender question

I have the original Samsung mesh system with the three pucks. I also have an original SmartThings hub that is not in use. Is there a way to move the hub to my garage acting as a wifi mesh extender. If not what extender do I need. I want to add a wifi camera to the back of my garage and don’t have enough wifi signal there.

No, the original SmartThings hub will not work to extend your mesh Wi-fi. It would only join the Wi-Fi as a device, not provide Wi-fi for other devices.

The only way to extend a mesh system is to buy an additional “puck”. That usually means one of the exact same model as you got in your three-pack. Some brands allow older and newer models to work together.

Given the rate at which Samsung abandons old devices, I’m not sure if you can purchase additional pucks.

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