Wi-Fi extender that works with the smart things mesh hubs

I’m looking for an outdoor Wi-Fi extender/repeater that works with the smart things mesh hubs and can push my WiFi signal at least 200 feet

There are two models of Wi-Fi mesh hubs from smartthings. One uses plume and one does not. Which model do you have?

The Samsung Smartthings hubs I have are the ones with Plume.

OK, I don’t have that model, so hopefully someone who knows more specifically will answer. But here’s what I know about Plume.

If you add a Wi-Fi extender to an existing plume system, it will work in the sense that it will re-broadcast the Wi-Fi and probably boost the signal. But it will not be able to take it vantage of any of the plume features, and because plume can change the channel from time to time as part of its adaptive mesh the extender may drop off erratically as it can’t quite keep up with what Plume is doing. Also, the Wi-Fi speed coming out from the extender may drop off significantly from elsewhere on the network.

So you can use any Wi-Fi extender that can connect to your existing network, just like you could use a Wi-Fi tablet anywhere in your house. But you may not be very happy with the results.

The following thread on the same question about the plume branded system (not the smartthings system ) from Reddit includes a response from plume staff:

I don’t know if you can connect a plume pod to a SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network and get any of the plume features: if you’re interested in that, you would probably be best off contacting support and asking them.

I just bought a pair of Aeotec Range Extenders (gen 7) and they work well.

The Aeotec devices extend the Z wave mesh (as does pretty much every other mains powered Z wave plus device), but don’t have anything to do with the Wi-Fi, which is what this thread is about.