Smartthings wifi - new setup for existing home

Hey everyone,

I’m interested in buying the smartthings wifi mesh system. However my concern is how difficult is to add these smartthings wifi access points to my existing ST home. Will I need to reset up my home and devices within the ST platform? Or can they co-exist and be added as additional hubs with my current v3 hub.


The smartthings Wi-Fi mesh hubs use a different firmware. You cannot mix and match them with the other model hubs. So unfortunately it is like any hub migration now: you would have to remove the devices from your existing hub and add them to the new Wi-Fi mesh system, one by one, manually. :disappointed_relieved:

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Meh. That’s a hard pass for me to not be able to just add these hubs to existing homes as extenders. If there was a way to backup automatons and restore them on new hub. I’d consider it… Too bad.

Thanks for your response!

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There’s no compelling reason to go with the SmartThings WiFi mesh over any other WiFi mesh system.

You’d just be combining multiple, unrelated networks into one device.

(Just my opinion, obviously)

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