Actionable Energy Reporting w/o ST hub? (US WiFi smart plug)

Anyone know of a Wi-Fi smart plug for the US that has energy reporting you can use in a routine in the smartthings app if you don’t have a smartthings/Aeotec hub (and therefore, are not using any edge Drivers)?

I know there are lots of energy monitoring smart plugs that don’t require having a smartthings hub, I just can’t figure out which specific models will let you set up a ST routine based on the energy report.


Bonus points if you know of one for the UK also. :sunglasses:

The only ones I ever knew of in the US market were the SmartThings WiFi plugs. They are OCF devices with cloud execution. But I don’t think they are currently available. I believe they were a casualty of Samsung getting out of the smart device business. I don’t even see any listed on eBay.


US market


Those all show up as actionable energy levels in a SmartThings routine in the SmartThings app? Not just in their own apps?

I thought the Tapo 110M doesn’t expose the energy monitoring through the cloud to cloud integration, but maybe I’m wrong. :thinking:

I know there are tons of Wi-Fi plugs that have energy monitoring, some of which work with SmartThings as on/off devices, but so far I haven’t seen a model that you could use without a SmartThings/Aeotec hub to trigger actions because the energy level changed.

For example, one specific use case would be if a dumb television turned on, dim the lights in the room via a SmartThings routine. You would know that it turned on because of the higher energy draw on the smart plug it was plugged into.

I know how to do this with some devices that have edge drivers, but those models require a SmartThings/aeotec hub to run the edge drivers, and I’m looking for examples of ones that Don’t. :thinking:

The easiest (not necessarily the cheapest) route to getting actionable energy info would probably be to get a ST Station and the Eve Energy Matter over Thread outlet.

I bought one of those Energizer plugs at the thrift store for a couple bucks.

If uses the Tuya/SmartLife platform, does NOT integrate with SmartThings, has power and energy monitoring in Tuya and SmartLife apps, but you can NOT even use energy or power monitoring in Tuya or SmartLife automations. It is pretty useless.


I conducted an extensive search on this in September when I was experiencing Zigbee issues. I had added a whole bunch of Zigbee plugs that were reporting energy, and my Zigbee network basically stopped working! The only Wifi plugs I found that report energy monitoring were the Kasa KP115 and KP125, and they only worked using the Edge Driver for TP-Link Kasa; it did not work using the cloud integration


Ok, I found a possibilities…but you have to use IFTTT as a go between, and I do have concerns that they will go out of business in the next year or two or changed to a more expensive subscription model, as more companies drop their “pay to play“ integrations with them (where the company pays the subscription cost instead of the customer).


The IFTTT eWeLink integration does have energy used triggers. So that’s the good news.

EWeLink is an app that works with many different minor brands, so the trick is going to be to find specific plug models that can use this Ifttt trigger.

And here’s the information on the eWeLink subscription you’d need to use Ifttt with it

I tried to sonoff S31: it does not expose the energy to Ifttt, so that doesn’t help. I’ll see if I can find other specific models that offer this. (oh, and the E-Welink app itself doesn’t let you use energy usage as a rule trigger, so it’s no help either.)

And I’d still be very glad to hear of any other Wi-Fi models that do already offer this through a SmartThings integration.


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The eWeLink integration with SmartThings is free and works well, much better than Tuya/SmartLife integration. But I don’t know if Power and Energy monitoring carry over into SmartThings.

eWeLink switches and plugs work locally with the app using Bluetooth when the Internet is down. Which is a plus.

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Easiest for some people. Not others. :disappointed_relieved:

For this use case, I don’t want any solution that requires a SmartThings/aeotec hub. as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I did purchase a station two months ago, then returned it, because the SmartThings app just isn’t usable with voice navigation at the time of this writing, and it’s too expensive for me to have someone else do everything. (I am quadriparetic.)

in this specific case, I am looking for a solution for someone with similar physicality but no tech skills. So no edge driver solutions, thanks.

As I posted in my other thread, which is specifically about the Sonoff s31, My friend just told me she went ahead and ordered the Sonoff S31 from Amazon even though I had told her I was still researching, so I guess we will find out soon. I will report back after we try it.

Interestingly, she got a two pack for about $20, so I may set it up with one being used to monitor the energy draw, and the other just used as an on/off proxy for the high energy level in the first one, in which case we might be able to skip the Ifttt step. Again, I will report back once we’ve tried it. :thinking:

Her use case is to know when a dumb television is on based on the energy draw, so pretty straightforward, we just have to get the information into SmartThings in an actionable way. :tv::zap:


When I was researching this back in September, one of my candidates was the Shelly Plus Plug, but I never did figure out if it reports in ST or not, or if there was a way to trigger a routine based on it.

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I ordered one of these off Amazon for a test; it’s coming on Saturday. If they report energy through the cloud integration, then I’m going to replace some of my Kasa plugs. They randomly turn off from time to time. I will let you know if I can see the power usage in ST and can trigger a routine.

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Update: unfortunately, the Sonoff S 31 does not expose its power monitoring as an actionable trigger in either SmartThings or Ifttt, or even its own app, so that one’s getting returned.

Hopefully @mlchelp will report better results with the Shelly. :thinking:


Amazon shows it still arriving today. I will try it out tomorrow morning and let you know.


I’m still interested in hearing about any SmartThings-specific solutions for this, but meanwhile we were able to solve it for my friend using Apple HomeKit as the intermediary instead of IFTTT.

Turns out she has an android phone, which I knew, but also an Apple Watch, which I didn’t.

And her husband has both an iPhone and an Apple TV 4.

So…there are several energy reporting smart plugs, including one of the Kasa models, which can provide actionable energy reporting for an apple Home routine. But you can’t set it up in the Apple Home app—you have to use one of the various third-party apps which offer more trigger options. But then it’s pretty simple.

So… they got 2 Kasa plugs (HomeKit compatible with energy monitoring), plugged the dumb TV into one and put the other one into an empty socket to act as a proxy.

When the TV plug is drawing power, they used a HomeKit routine to turn on the other plug.

Both plugs are visible in smartthings for on/off status through the regular cloud to cloud integration.

And voila! They can create smartthings routines which trigger from the second plug being on or off, using it as a proxy for the TV plug drawing power.

It’s not elegant, but it should be reliable, and it’s relatively inexpensive.

So now I’d like to find a similar option which doesn’t require Apple HomeKit. Or Home Assistant. Or an edge driver. :thinking:

Fingers crossed for the Shelly…

Tuya might have something, too, if their own app can trigger a rule based on energy use by a WiFi plug, but I don’t know if it can. Still researching…


The Tuya and SmartLife apps can trigger routines based on power usage of some WiFi power monitoring plugs.

I have 2 Tuya WiFi power monitoring plugs:

The BN-Link plug can be used in routines to trigger actions based on power usage.

The Energizer plug for some reason can NOT be used to trigger actions based on power usage even though it is a power monitoring plug.

Typical Tuya inconsistency.



So, as long as there is a tuya WiFi plug that can use energy draw as the if in a routine in the Tuya app and that Tuya routine can turn on a different Wi-Fi plug that is then seen as on/off through the official Smartthings cloud to cloud integration (no edge Driver), then that would meet the use case I described. :tada:

Any particular models you’d recommend for the US?


BN-Link UT133T: (nice plug)

  1. ETL listed
  2. 15 amp
  3. Has ST integration for on/off, but not power monitoring.
  4. Power monitoring in Tuya app (not ST)
  5. Power monitoring can be used in Tuya automations.
  6. does NOT block 2nd outlet.

Energizer EIE3-1001-WHT (not great)

  1. ETL listed
  2. 15 amp
  3. no ST integration
  4. power monitoring in Tuya app
  5. can NOT use power monitoring in Tuya automations.
  6. partly blocks 2nd outlet.