Meross / Smarthings Scene Crash

Hi all,

Added a couple of meross smart plugs to my ST for controlling bedside lamps. Tried to create a scene, can add the switch to the scene but as soon as I try to tell it to do something with power ST crashes.

Anyone come across this? Any solutions? (Downloaded latest firmware / software across the board so not that)

Annoying as it’s specifically one of the ST supported devices!


Have you contacted (email/call) ST support?

Yep, as always, been waiting for a response…


Yeah, kind of figured that would be the response :wink:

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I flagged this internally. I would recommend also reaching out to if you haven’t already.

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I haven’t because I don’t think it’s the hardware. It works fine when controlled by ST manually, and within the Meross app. It’s only the ST app that crashes when you try to control
through a scene, therefore clearly an ST issue

That’s an understandable rationale. The Meross devices are compatible with SmartThings but are not certified as Works With SmartThings products. The integration was built by Meross and will likely require their assistance in correcting this issue. As a Meross consumer, it is important that they are aware of issues you encounter when trying to integrate their devices with SmartThings.

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If they’re not “Works with SmartThings Compatible” why list them as one of the known devices in the “add device” screen? Surely branded devices on that page should only be for objects that actually work together?

It’s more complicated than that. In order to get as many devices as possible quickly available to smartthings users, device manufacturers can publish their own integrations that will then appear in the smartthings app.

It’s the manufacturer who is promising the integration will work, and the ones who are doing the actual coding, which is why it was suggested that you get in touch with them. This is a big difference from how things used to work with the classic app.

The “works with SmartThings” program (WWST) is for integrations which have been lab tested and certified by the smartthings staff and which will be supported by the smartthings staff. but that takes a lot longer, so it’s probably only about 20% of the currently available integrations in the new V3 app.

The others are ones which the manufacturers have developed and submitted and are standing behind. :sunglasses:


I’ve encountered this issue just today.

I was disappointed to find that the Meross devices weren’t visible in either the old WebCoRE (I understand why), nor the the sdc WebCoRE trial (I don’t understand why). I therefore came up with the idea of syncing a simulated switch with the device using automations in the new app. Unfortunately, not possible as the app crashes every time I tap on the power option when creating the automation.

Dang, ive been having the same issues, if i get a response from Meross, i’ll post it here.

I also had the issue when i authorise the Meross app it clears my smartthings app of devices and the hub.
has anyone else had that issue?

I’m not sure if it’s the same for you guys, but my Meross devices have now appeared in the old app and are useable within WebCoRE!

So happy with these devices now :grin:

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