Meross Matter Smart Plugs are back in stock (US/CA)

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Interesting. I have honestly not been following Matter very closely but do all Matter devices use WiFi? If so they will be out for me as I try to keep all my HA devices off of WiFi.

No, many use Thread. That includes almost all of the battery powered devices, and quite a few of the mains powered ones as well.

The Meross matter plug highlighted in this thread does use Wi-Fi. The Eve matter plug uses thread.

So if you don’t want to use Wi-Fi but you do want to use matter, look for thread devices with the matter logo,

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Got it, thanks for that info!

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free shipping (included in price)

Mine should be here this week. Looking forward to trying it out.

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I received a pair of these matter devices yesterday. I cannot get them to work on SmartThings. I have connected to 2.4ghz IOT wifi with the phone, ipv6 enabled and functioning as required, and it just does not work. Devices are detected by smartthings, I can the QR code and it fails.

What hub do you have? What version is it running? What specifically happens when “it fails”, error message, silently quits…?

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The hub is v3 running 000.047.00003 … and the failure happens in two ways, one with a message to “try again later” and the other where the message “Connecting to your Meross Smart Plug Mini…” never goes away. There isn’t any other useful debug information that I can act on.

47.3? I thought the latest for the v3 hub was 46.10?

In any case, I’d install the ST CLI and do logging from your hub.

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat --hub-address=x.x.x.x --all

Beta version was released on friday

Ah. Not clued in on beta versions.

i’ve been having issues with onboarding Matter devices and the iOS app. Try the Android app if you can.

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I was doing this on the Android app. The funny thing is that Matter is supposed to be “easy” to onboard, and so far it is the most difficult device to onboard that I have tried.

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There is a lot of information in the logs regarding other events but nothing regarding the Meross device or the onboarding process.

The error message that is the most descriptive from the SmartThings app is exactly “Something went wrong. Try again Later. Error code: 39-101”. Hopefully this number means something?

Is the Matter Edge driver already installed on your hub? If so, remove the --all from the logcat command and select that driver for logging. If not, I’d install the driver and then do the logging for that specific driver as above.

No, I don’t think I have the Edge driver for it. I have installed “Matter Media” and “Matter Switch” drivers, but I don’t have one, and don’t see one for a smart receptacle. I thought that functionality was already built into the hub, or the hub would get it itself if needed.

I don’t see any other relevant Edge driver on the beta list either. Other then upgrading firmware, this device does not have any unique features that would require a dedicated driver, just basic on-off is what I expect it do to, locally.

A receptacle is technically a binary switch. Almost all home automation platforms, including Zigbee and zwave, put them in the same device class as an on/off switch. I don’t know if it will be included in the same Edge Driver, but I would have expected it to be. :thinking:

I know zwave isn’t currently being used in Matter, but here’s a good example of how the industry tends to treat these devices:

+1 on binary switch. That’s how my GE/Jasco outlets are categorized by ST and Alexa.

With no specific fingerprints for Matter switches except Eve devices so far, it will fall back to deviceType and deviceLabel to select a profile for an outlet.

  - id: "matter/on-off/light"
    deviceLabel: Matter OnOff Light
      - id: 0x0100 # OnOff Light
    deviceProfileName: light-binary
  - id: "matter/dimmable/light"
    deviceLabel: Matter Dimmable Light
      - id: 0x0101 # Dimmable Light
    deviceProfileName: light-level

and so on...
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