Meross native Integration

Anyone still using the native integration, are you still getting constant random disconnects?

Meross support says they’ve submitted an “update” to Samsung which is supposed to fix the issue but they don’t have an ETA for when Samsung will publish the update. It was mid-July when I received the response. I opted not to wait and switched to the virtual switch route and am so far quite happy with it, just a slight delay from the clouds.

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I am not, but I wasn’t getting them to begin with except for the two situations I mentioned: when Meross added a new device or when a device required a firmware update. I never had just totally random disconnects like some of you did. I’m in the US if that makes any difference.

Oh, I can confirm that Refoss plugs (a sister brand, same company) added to the Meross app also work with the SmartThings integration, at least as of this writing. That’s not surprising since the devices still identify themselves to HomeKit as Meross.

Here’s what I finally received yesterday from Meross. What it doesn’t explain is whether the updates are for the SmartApp, or adding the garage opener as a certified ST device, or neither.

“Sorry for the delayed of response.

To be frank, we indeed received some of our users feedback this issue with Smartthings. There’s a bug relating to the Smartthings token validation.The good news is, our developers told have already submitted the new version to Smartthings for examinatio, once smartthings approved, we will release the new version immediately. So theoretically it won’t be too late and we believe the new interface will fix this issue.

Sorry for this inconvenience of any trouble caused.”

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Interesting email. They make it sound like they are switching SmartThings development platforms, but they never had an integration on the old ST platform. So it sounds like they are maybe updating something on their side? Or maybe change from a ST Schema integration to a ST SmartApp Connector?

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SmartThings Compatible List


Yes, @prjct92eh2 they had said that they’re working on a new integration between their platform and ST, because with the old one their devices were randomly becoming unresponsive. I don’t think this has to do with the transition going on within ST.


Has anyone unlinked the old integration and linked the new one? Any improvement? It looks like the new one is called “meross-c2c-pro” under linked services in the ST app.

I have unlinked/relinked.

I still see unreachable error on devices in the meross app.

As for the integration, I am seeing some slowness before the devices respond. But I did not need to relink last night to get meross devices to work. Previously, I was relinking every evening after 7pm when they would stop responding. But still too early to say if things have improved.

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Just did the unlink/relink. Working right now and no slowness. Going to test it for maybe a week or so to make sure it’s really working (not disconnecting).

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it shows correct status of the switch now. the issue is when you try to use the switch in automation, it shows on instead of off and vice versa.

Edit: As of yesterday, the switch in smartthings does not sync with meross app. What a mess. :rage:

I unlinked/relinked yesterday and here’s what I found.
First up, a pleasant surprise was that it doesnt have the bug of all your devices being moved to a single room so hurray for that.
Second, as reported by others, the status of my sockets is now accurate again in ST.
Third, the speed has dramatically improved for me (though I see others saying its slower). In my case, I have a press of a ST button switch on/off the floor lamps and its now a fraction of the time it took previously. Will be interesting to see if this speed is maintained.
Fourth, the icons within ST have changed from sockets (I have the MSS310s) to switch. Not a big deal.

Lastly, and this might be important for folks with a few Meross devices, when I unlinked the account, ST silently deleted Automations I had in place using the sockets. The button press I mentioned earlier is achieved via an Automation and it was gone with no warning. No big deal in my case because its easy to put back but I can see this being a major pain for anyone with very complex and/or lots of automations using Meross devices. This is probably something ST could and should improve - some kind of warning to highlight which automations are affected by unlinking services.


One bug that has popped back up is syncing of Meross devices between Homekit and ST. I had spoken about this previously in another thread. It was resolved back in late spring but with this new integration, it has returned on the ST side.

Basically, if I manage a device in Homekit, the status does not update in ST but does update in the meross app. If I manage the device in the meross app, it updates in Homekit and ST. If I manage the device in ST, it updates in Homekit and Meross.

So Meross still has some work left to get everything working properly in my mixed environment.

I spoke of a delayed response I was seeing after the first 24 hours of use… that seems to have improved in the second 24 hour period. I an no longer seeing the 2-4 second delay between ST and my meross devices. Also, I have not had to relink the account on day 1 or 2 of the new integration so that is a definite improvement over the old integration which was requiring a daily relink.

The number of unreachable devices I see in the meross app have decreased with their firmware and app updates last week but I still experience this annoying issue. But that is not related to the new ST integration.

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