MCOHome Multi-Sensor

I just purchased one of these MH9 Z Wave Multi-sensor CO2/Temperature/Humidity

Like an Idiot, I didn’t think to check if it had a device handler available. Hardware installation was a breeze and It connects to my Z Wave fine. But now I need a device handler!

Being Chinese I can’t get a sensible response to date from the manufacturer although the datasheet does specify these supported classes.








Has anyone else had experience with this device (MH9)!

Does anyone have a device handler!

Is the info above enough to write a device handler!

Its a nice looking device and being mains powered with the correct pitch screws it can replace an existing UK wall switch (As long as you have a neutral) which makes it very easy to install.


Did you ever find a device handler?

No never found anything.

I don’t think it would be very hard to write one as it only has 3 outputs to send at regular intervals and its mains power which negates a lot of code. So it just needs to send 3 values regularly. I have been trying to learn groovy specifically for this purpose but it’s slow going!

Its a project to complete this coming winter I think ( or hope someone else writes one by then). MCOhome seem to have no interest in helping beyond the manual (but I think that probably has all the info you need anyway).


It is here now. You can download a working device handler at:

Many thanks to Ravil Rubashkin !