MCOHome MCOMH4-US Z-Wave Floor Heating Thermostat

I’ve been waiting for a manufacturer to create a z-wave floor heating thermostat for the US & Canadian markets to use as a more appropriate solution than the euro-oriented Heatit thermostat.

Chinese manufacturer MCOHome has released a pretty nice looking one:

It’s in short supply and hard to find. Worthington Distribution carries it.

Has anybody tried one out…and created a device handler for it?

I found one on ebay and used it to replace an existing installation.

I measured the existing sensor resistance and it was within a couple of Kohms of the one supplied even with a temperature difference.

Instructions are sparse but I was able to register it with my hub beforehand and select the Centigrade display option. Details/explanations of some of the other options would be helpful though.

In short, it works, albeit with the default thermostat device handler that includes unwanted fan and cooling controls. Just don’t have a lot of confidence in the actual temperature reading at this point.

Do you have the ability to set floor and ambient temperatures separately through the device handler?

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For now the device handler is the ‘generic thermostat’ one. It just turns on/off depending on what the temp reported by the actual device. It has no knowledge that its controlling a heated floor or that an ambient temp sensor.might exist. Thats why it also shows fan & cooling controls that are not applicable.

Hopefully someone can put together a proper handler before too long.