Mco-home smart devices (S314)?

Would these work with smartthings?

It won’t work straight out of the box because it is a multi channel device. So you would initially get an on/off but just for one of the buttons

The good news is that there are community members who have custom code and have it working with all four buttons. You would need to be using the SmartThings classic app in order to initially set up the device and I’m not sure if you can access all four of the buttons through the Connect app or not. But you can through the classic. :sunglasses:

Take a look at the following thread and if you have any further questions, ask there, as those are the people actually using the device. (This is a clickable link)


Thanks very much

So are all switches that are more than one gang not going to be multi channel devices? If so does that mean you can only control properly single switches?

It’s a little more complicated than that because there are different ways for a device to handle having multiple buttons. Some of these, like simple association, are supported well by SmartThings. That is why the minimote button controller works out of the box with SmartThings.

But the devices that rely on zwave multi channel may or may not work without custom code.

The physical devices may look similar, but it is up to each individual manufacturer exactly how they choose to implement a multibutton device.