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Finally got around to installing one of these today. Lots of travel for work! Opened box, plugged in, ST popped up on my phone with a message asking if I wanted to add it, clicked add and scanned the QR code and it added immediately. Less than 2 minutes! As it should be. More like the Matter experience I imagined. Seems to work flawlessly after a few hours of testing. I will be sure to report back if I find otherwise. Make sure you scan the QR code on the device and not the one on the box.

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Hello, I encountered error code 39-511 while adding my matter device using SmartThings Station. Does anyone know why? It runs very well in Google Home and Apple Homekit. Thank you.

Just wanted to report back that these have worked flawlessly for me through ST and Alexa. Also these are working with no IPv6, all are on IPv4!


What device is it? Are you using multi admin and are you still using it with Google and Apple or did you reset it and try adding it to ST first?

My device is a dimming light and did not use multi admin. I reset it and added it again using ST, but this 39-511 error code occurred

What is the specific device brand? Is it Matter certified?

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And what hub do they have? Is the device WiFi or Thread?

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The device brand is ORVIBO,It is a matter certified WiFi device,the hub type is SmartThings Station.

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I think your device is the Mixpad D1 correct? Looks like a really cool device and very cheap on Amazon. I read that it requires a firmware upgrade that was still in beta in the end of June. Have you contacted Orvibo to get this update? Also, I have read that Orvibo support on Amazon is very good and they have helped out a lot of users to get this working.


Yes, my device is Mixpad D1 and has been upgraded to a version that supports matter, as I can use matter on iOS Homekit and Google Home app.

I’ve added my Hue Bridge to a SmartThings hub and it’s connected fine, and most functions are working except for dimming functionality on non-coloured bulbs. Is this a bug, or something that’s not currently supported?

I would ask Hue support.

Just find out that the non-dev version of the Night Light released out with QR code on the body: Here is the amazon link: Looks the SmartThings support is still limited, in my test, it showed three devices in Google, but only light in ST.

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Thanks, yes, mine work in Alexa as well, just not in Smartthings where you only see it as a light.

There is a known issue with matter support right now where some composite Matter devices do not expose all of their components. Engineering staff are looking into it. I’m not sure if that’s what’s affecting you or not. :thinking:

Matter Hub + Bridge + Aqara (Sept 2023) - #17 by posborne

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I’ve added a SwitchBot 2 hub and connected it a few weeks ago. But I’ve now added more connected devices to it. They haven’t appeared in ST. Am I missing a step ?

Did you added the other devices as secondary devices on the Switchbot App, matter settings?


Thanks I’ll give that a try

What deity did you make a sacrifice to?

Every attempt I’ve made to connect my Switchbot 2 to ST has resulted in an error, even with the latest beta firmware.