ZWave exclusion

Any help welcome!!

As per an earlier topic…my TKBHome ZWave wall switch (controlling outside lights UK) stopped working. It did work and was easily controlled via a routine or directly on/off from the phone. Then it stopped…

Smarthings support said to do a ZWave repair…said it failed to repair switch

Smarthings support then said remove the devise and do a ZWave exclusion…problem is…I removed the decvice and all smartapps associated with it. I then ran a ZWave exclusion but it just kept whirring around and didn’t give me any option to remove anything!!

SO…Now I don’t I have the switch on the app (as I removed the device) and I can’t re-add it, as its not recognised…because apparently once removed I can’t re-add it until its been excluded from the ZWave network…whih I also can’t do!!!

Is this a hopeless problem…do I have a dodgy TKBHome switch…or is this a smarthings problem?

Please help



All General exclude does is tell any Z Wave device in range to erase the stored controller information in that device.

But the erasure doesn’t actually happen unless you physically manipulate the device in whatever way the manufacturer has designed, which is typically a button push.

Once the exclusion is complete, The device is then ready to be added to a new network.

Note that for general exclusion, the command can be issued by any controller – – the device does not have to have been previously paired to that specific network. This utility was created so that people could deal with the situation where they got a device used, or it came from the factory paired to a test network, or the old controller had died.

So you’re fine, you can still exclude the device even though it isn’t currently paired to the controller issuing the exclusion.

Note that you won’t get any results messages from SmartThings when you run a general exclusion, because the devices are not necessarily paired to that network. That’s fine. It’s just a general blast to tell any Z wave devices that can hear it that it’s time to clear the controller information if and only if there is also a physical manipulation done on that device.

You’ll have to look in the user manual for the pocket socket to see exactly what you’re supposed to do with the device when the exclusion command is issued.

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Problem fixed!!

Thank you for your help and patience whilst I figured it out.

Downloaded the TKBHome switch user guide…excluded then re-added the device and all working fine for now!


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