Marvin Lock Status Sensor for doors/windows

Hey guys……we are getting a bunch of new doors/windows in the process of a big remodel. Marvin has “lock status sensors” as an option for their products.

Anyone familiar? From what I can tell they just provide the NO/NC magnetic contacts and pigtails for hardwired connections. They also have cavities milled into the doors/windows to accept a wireless transmitter which they do not supply. Any idea what wireless transmitter you could use?

The Monoprice Door/Window sensor with optional lead input may work, but I think it only has 2 connections. To distinguish closed from locked and closed I imagine it would either require a 3rd wire, or digital communication on the 2 wires.

Here is some of the more detailed info on the wiring in the Marvin Lock Status Windows. It indicates that:

The Lock Status Sensor detects an open or closed status. A “locked” status is inferred from the presence of the Auto-Lock feature, which activates the locking mechanism when the operating panel is closed.

My interpretation of this is that there is no secondary sensor that distinguishes closed from closed and locked, it is just that some of the windows will automatically lock when closed. Therefore, if the window is closed then it should be locked.

It’s disappointing that they didn’t offer some suggestions for known compatible products, but it seems like a Z-wave Plus door sensor with optional inputs, like the one I linked from Monoprice, should work. There are probably others that would work as well.

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Agreed. It is nice that they have an integrated approach so you don’t have unsightly boxes stuck on the outside of a door. I am primarily interested in this for the double french doors we are spec’ing which has multipoint hardware which there is no good smartlock hardware available. The Marvin solution should at least tell us that the door is locked when we leave.

You could always just install a recessed door sensor if you are working with an existing wood or composite door. One could be installed at the top of each door, and you could use some logic within WebCoRE change a virtual door status (both closed > v_door is closed, otherwise door is open).

I have encountered the multi-point hardware a few times and I share your frustration. Even worse is the funky handshake between the door handle and lock that you have to learn to lock the door. I understand the added security of a multipoint lock, but they need to devise a solution that can integrate with home automation solutions. Otherwise some people will start removing these doors and go back to standard doors that can utilize a smart lock.

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Since I first got into this I’ve dreamed of sensors that can tell ‘locked’ vs closed.
On the front door, that was a combo of the Schlage lock plus a sensor.

For windows, it’s a bit more interesting. Andersen has a device that does it, but the protocol is proprietary. So based on the post yesterday about modding the low-profile visonic sensors, I’m thinking about finding a way to move the reed switch and magnet over to the sash lock. The reed switch on one sash, the magnet on the other.

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How did this turn out? I’m about to embark on the same journey with Marvin Windows/Doors and find it difficult to find any details on what transmitters could work and with which systems

Perfect for me. I used the monoprice sensors that have the NO/NC terminals on them. Fit just right in the cavity in my Marvin french doors. Obviously it does not allow you to lock the doors but you can visualize it on your home screen and trigger notifications if a door is unlocked when you are not at home, for example.

Any luck? My door arrived and no documentation anywhere. Suggestions? Would like Smartthings to talk to it.

No luck yet … windows/ doors arrive in 10 days. Have ordered a couple of mono price (as per @jasonshearer - thank you) transmitters as well - so expect to have a status in mid August