Looking for Dual contact Door/Window contact sensor

Hi guys, I’m looking to see which of the door/window sensors on the market can handle concurrent use of internal and external contact.

Basically I want to mount a magnet to the bottom of one of the door security locks like the kind you see in hotels. (yes, I’ll space the magnet with some plastic about 1/4" so it doesn’t eventually cause contact failure).
And also wire an external reed contact to the door/jamb.

The flip open/closed lock would sit just above the door sensor. as a way to tell that the door is locked.
the external reed would sense if the door is open or closed.

My wife has a bad habit of leaving the front door unlocked, but I do not want connected locks on my exterior doors.
I’d like to monitor both the door open/close status, and the lock/unlocked status.

I know I could use a smartthings multi sensor external contact to monitor the lock, and its’ accelerometer to monitor the door being “in transit.”
But I’d prefer a contact than accelerometer motion. I’d also like something where I can monitor both contacts visually in the app device list. I’ve heard the gocontrol handler will use both contacts, but only the main contact is visible, the internal can be used but only with CORE rules.

Anyone have insights?

Graphic example:

What about an electrical lock? There’s a bunch of these out there.

You can create a virtual contact and sync it to the non visible contact of the GoControl with CoRE. Or you can also buy the sensative strip sensor and monitor the lock/unlock cylinder.

Is there somewhere you can point to with instructions on how to sync device values with a virtual device.
I would love to do this. That would resolve my search to devices I already have.

I’d love to do this with my iris smart buttons as well, they report temperature, and I’d like to have a virtual temp sensor display this value so my stringify integrations can work. At the moment, the iris buttons use a stringify device type of aeon minimote, so they can’t take triggers by temperature from the button.

Anywhere that tells you how to sync values?

The GoControl/Linear contact sensor has internal leads that allows you to attach a second sensor and the device handler below allows you to use the independently.

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