Door Sensor Zigbee closed issue

Been using a door sensor on the front door for the past few years with no problem. Lately the sensor does not recognize when the door is closed. It will change to open but only sometimes will it register closed. I don’t think its a connection issue. I can see that the red light does not trigger sometimes when the door is closed.

I tried moving the pieces closer but that has not solved the problem and I have changed the battery.

Its important since this triggers the door lock. No one locks the door when they enter since they have been accustomed to the door locking itself after 15 minutes.

Do these wear out? Are there brands that are better than others?


What sensor are you using?

Have you tried moving the magnet closer to the receiver to see if it is a distance issue?

I think they are monoprice.
I have adjusted many times and moved them very close.

Is it just one sensor or are you experiencing the same thing with more than one? I suppose it’s possible the sensor could go bad.

I’d check the logs to see if the opens and closes are being immediately logged. There is also a “Notify me when” app you can use to see if there is a delay or not. If it appears the opens and closes are being recorded almost immediately, I’d look to see if anything changed in how you are implementing the lock locking. If they are not being reported quickly, then I’d suspect a hardware issue.

I’ve used both the ST multipurpose sensor and the Aeotec sensor (which is rechargeable and looks better) and have not had an issue with either. I’m not familiar with the Monoprice, however.