Smart lock that includes door sensor

does anyone knows of a smart door lock that doesn’t just tell if the door is locked or unlocked but also if the door is opened or closed?
I am trying to avoid buying the deadbolt and sensors.

thank you.

I don’t know of any. I think it’s just a matter of the lockmakers trying to keep the locks as inexpensive as they can. In the US they struggle now to keep them under $200.

If it’s a question of aesthetics, the new sensitive strips are very thin and pretty much invisible when the door is closed. Or there are Aeon’s recessed sensors that go inside the wall or a couple of different hinge sensors which show very little. But they do all add an extra cost.

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Do you have an update on US release ? My last communication with them was May 23rd.

Try these if you want nice aesthetics:

C4 Version
C4 Version is ONLY compatible with Control4 platform
C4 Version is ONLY sold through Control4 sales channel

Yeah, you need to look for the -HA version for SmartThings compatibility.


I stand corrected @JDRoberts. Thnx.

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It’s easy to get confused. There are two different models and they’re both listed on the same page. The company has an explanation on a different page that they make many devices in two models, one just for C4 and one for any ZHA compliant Coordinator.

Lowe’s sells the ones that work with ST. I have them on a few doors and they work pretty well, although I’ve had to do a couple of screw adjustments here and there,


Thank you everyone. i ended up buying one at lower last night. so far is perfect… and the wife is not complaining about aesthetics.

thank you

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follow up on the release of this products for US, currently only in Europe. @JDRoberts

We received our FCC and Z-Wave Plus certification and are working with a couple of distributors to get Strips to the US as soon as possible. Could be as early as next week.