Martin Jerry

I have multiple Martin Jerry light switches I bought when I first got into home automation. After awhile I got into whole home automation and quickly found out Martin Jerry has no support in ST. That sucked because when I bought these they were $$$ and I really don’t want to replace them. I have looked on git hub and here for information but have not found anything. I did find a site where you reprogram the switch but I am hoping I don’t have to do that.

Has anyone had luck with this switch?


If this are Tuya based product you can try the following work around.

How could I find that out?

What app are you using?

If it is Tuya or SmartLife try the work around.

If is is not, try to pair one of your devices with the Tuya app.

If you have flashed the switches with Tasmota firmware, then this should work for you.

I use the SmartLife app. I started looking into the Tasmota a lot more and it really isn’t that expensive and I have done more complicated things. I guess the unknown kind of scared me off. I will update. Parts should be here Saturday.