Marketplace: Vacation Lighting “worthless?”

I don’t understand the concept, or lack thereof, of having Marketplace apps that are supposedly approved and/or supported but continually dont work. Meanwhile errors and problems are reported and nothing is done… Every post you read related to the marketplace app, Vacation Lighting all say it doesn’t work and you should go to a custom code version. I don’t want to go that route, and yes I know it’s not difficult to do, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that Smartthings should either have supported apps, or cut the BS.

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WebCoRE is the better solution since you have more customizations. This is what I have been setting up.

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Agreed. IIRC there is a post on here with a line of code that has to be modified. Works great for me after modifications.

Thank you both, and I’m sure I’ll go that route…,
however, that’s not my issue…my issue is that vacation lighting is not a tough app, and Smartthings “advertise” it as a supported app, but it’s obviously had issues for a couple of YEARS!

Thanks again for the code post.


I find that most of the stock apps arent utilitarian enough for applications. Smart Monitor and Device health are two that have good ideas but flawed. Device Heath when on knocks off zwave devices and smart home has had ST presense issues.

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I’m finding too that what truly makes Smarthings great is the very active community. If that wasn’t for the open source and the community, Smartthings would be dead long ago as its native capabilities are quite limited and overall it is not a user friendly platform at all while Samsung customer support is about non-existent outside the basics.

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