Smart Lights Failed

I used Smart lights last Sept.16 while on vacation & work 100%
Tried it this past week while gone & failed miserably, not one time did it do what I wanted. I see where others have had problems.
Other then CORE is there an smartapp that will control my lights?
Would like to turn on living room lamp in AM then off when sun up & again back on a dark to 10:00 PM. Also would like to do this with other controllable lights inside & out. Want to give the impression someone is home.
Thanks Mike

Your best bet is sticking with smart lights and sending in a support request.

CoRE may do what you need, but when it struggles with something like this (any of my timed pistons did, and I switched those back over to smart lights), you’ll have no recourse with smartthings to get help since it’s a community developed app. They are obligated to pursue problems with apps they developed.

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I think there is an app by @slagle, Vacation Director or similar.


Yup Vacation light director is what I use

I use this piston:

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I’m surprised someone hasn’t written an app to extract the previous evenings lighting state change events and simply play them back when on vacation.
I doubt any potential thiefs are going to sit in the street going, "wth, that’s the same sequence of lights I saw last evening…"
Add a random time modifier to each extracted device event and there would be no way to tell it was a recording…