New App for Samsung TV?

So, we nave a new app for Android, IOS, Windows, Web, and Galaxy watch… is there a new app planned for Samsung TV (Tizen) that might be more universally available instead of only to the more premium Q and up models? It is incredibly disappointing that the app is not available on the 2020 and up models that were available on the same models on the 2019 and previous years. Can anyone at Smartthings comment? Thanks

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It is no way a substitute but have you tried the my.smartthings on the Tvs browser and then bookmarking it for easy access ?

It ‘could’ be useful as a sort of replacement… however, there’s always one of those, signing into the my.smartthings is a ball ache on the TV

In fairness, it seems to be more a proof of concept, there is so much not right for tv use but for on off and checking states its just about useable… ish

Even the ST app on the Tvs that have is not that good, so much needed so little available, just to get a notification from a device is not possible, its a kind of value add rather than a great useful feature

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The browser doesn’t enable camera view. I am most interested on the feature on the TV app that enables a pop-up cam view on screen when motion is detected etc. which is the only reason I chose the Samsung over the comparable LG with superior picture quality

I was going to add that it didn’t include camera interaction but I thought… nah Troy won’t use that

what’s the odds !

I do have a nest cam just to watch the dogs when we are out, the delay if using the tv to watch the cam is approx 4 seconds, would be more useful if you could tie a proper IP cam to it tbh

I guess if you live where you can protect a nest type cam outside it could be useful for movement though

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Thanks for sharing, Really thankful.